Honeybee Blog Comment Package


The Honeybee Package is where you get the REAL BUZZ! This is also a drip-feed package. This means that comments will be spaced out over the number of days or weeks you specify. This is helpful to avoid multiple comments posted on the same day looking like SPAM. It also helps keep your readers engaged longer than the usual 12-24 hours after the original post. This package includes up to 25 original, insightful comments on different blog posts, posted under different names. Make your blog come alive with meaningful engagement, comments, and shares!


Buying blog comments is more common than you think, but it can get tricky when you use a bot service because Google might flag your site for SPAM.

This is why drip-feed commenting from a real human being who is manually typing in each comment is your safest and best way to go. They are a great way to start a conversation and get your content in front of more people!

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