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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Web-Based Ghostwriter

Whether you are an online business owner or an avid digital marketer, you probably realize that great content is paramount for your business and brand’s success.

Attention-grabbing, unique, and insightful content can help encourage a positive image of your brand, establish you as an authority in your niche, and even make customers trust you and become repeat clients.

This is a vital aspect of your digital marketing campaigns that you certainly don’t want to pass up!

However, instead of doing all this work by yourself, which is quite tedious and time-consuming, hiring a ghostwriter to help may be the best choice you’ve ever made for 10 very good reasons.

For example:

1) Save Time & Energy

Ghostwriters save you time and energy. As professional ghostwriter myself, I understand that your time is certainly precious and that you have no time or effort to waste in crafting effective content. Creating effective content is a task that requires hours of tedious research in order to ensure it is impactful and relevant to your niche. Therefore, if you haven’t got that kind of time or energy to spare, hiring a ghostwriter would be a great investment for your business!

2) Get New Ideas

A professional ghostwriter can bring new ideas and prospects to your table. If you have run out of ideas or simply lack the energy to write about something new and meaningful, a professional ghostwriter is your answer for delivering content that is fresh, up-to-date, and relevant.

3) Improve Website Ranking

A professional ghostwriter can optimize an article for better SEO rankings. The majority of online ghostwriters know how to optimize an article for SEO, so it is easily traced and found by both search engines and people, which ultimately helps encourage more traffic to your website.

4) Your Secret Voice

A ghostwriter, as the name suggests, can write content on your behalf without asking for any author credit–your brand or you as the owner assume credit for it! And, paired with a ghostwriter’s promotional writing skills, they can become your brand’s “secret” yet meaningful voice.

5) Improve Existing Content

Another good reason to hire a ghostwriter for your web-based business is that they can improve your existing content. If your existing content isn’t working for you as expected (not bringing in traffic, content not converting, etc.), this can be a huge problem for the profitability of your business.

A skilled ghostwriter can help edit and improve your existing content to fix phrasing mistakes and improve your content’s focus so it attracts the audience YOU want to connect with.

6) Quality Research Skills

Professional ghostwriters can also serve as research assistants when it comes to particular topics that are relevant to your niche. This is particularly helpful if you have no time and energy to do this time-consuming research yourself.

7) Trendy Hot Topics

Established web-based ghostwriters stay informed of the latest news and trends of various industries and niches like yours and can pitch fresh stories or hot topics that may temporarily appeal to a wider audience. (This is another highly effective way to get new eyes on your content!)

8) Get That E-Book Published

If you have ever thought of publishing an eBook, info guide, or any other online and non-fictional long-form content to promote your products and services, hiring a ghostwriter can actually prove to be more profitable for your business and yield a higher ROI as opposed to doing a half-decent job yourself.

9) Your Content, Your Voice

Ghostwriters are natural chameleons as they are trained to write in many different styles and voices, depending on their client’s needs. A skilled content writer will take some time to examine your brand’s voice and craft content that matches your unique branding goals.

10) Content Is King

A ghostwriter specializes in writing. Therefore, that’s their main focus, so they won’t get distracted by the other aspects of running a business that you do every day. If you simply lack the skills to craft effective content or aren’t sure about which direction your content should go, hiring a ghostwriter would solve that problem immediately.

If you are looking for a seasoned ghostwriter with 8 years of experience and lots of successful projects under her belt, I’m here to help. Contact me through the online form below for a customized quote that caters to your needs and goals. What are you waiting for? Great content is only a few clicks away!

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