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Hello. I’m Jaime A. Heidel, and I’m here to provide both pre-written articles and custom content to help make your business a success!


Buying pre-written articles on the web can be a frustrating gamble. If you go to some of the bulk content websites, you might be able to find some cheap articles, but you get what you pay for. Most pre-written content is created by non-native English speakers and then “spun” through article-writing software that makes the final product come out as nonsensical and robotic as you would expect.


If you’re looking for pre-written articles for your blog or website, visit my “Buy Content” page, and check out the articles I have on offer. Each article is carefully researched with methodically correct grammar and spelling. The tone is conversational and takes technical and medical terminology and puts it into easy-to-understand terms without being patronizing.


My areas of expertise include chronic illness, gluten-free diets, autoimmune disease, food allergies, and autism.


Don’t need anything I currently have in the shop? Hire me to create a custom piece for you instead!


When you work with me, you can expect a personal touch, meticulous research, excellent spelling and grammar, and a turnaround time that fits your deadline!


Still not sure if I’m the best writer for you?


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I look forward to working with you!


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